Project Moon Hut will develop a space based economy within Mearth—the Earth, the Moon, and the space in between—via three main components:

(1) Alliance Network, powered by AI and machine learning, involving individuals and groups in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries and education;

(2) Community Engagement learning platform to expand perspectives and educate by engaging one billion hearts and minds; and

(3) Government Leveraging Arm as a means of connecting Project Moon Hut’s activities and progress to societal policy and forecasted opportunities.  The government arm described in brief here ensures that the endeavor is truly a globally inclusive initiative that rolls out and operates for the good of all life on Earth.

The approach to the coordination of activities within Mearth’s connective corridor is a departure from attitudes of past space exploration in that countries and regions will define as the new “winner” all of Earth’s inhabitants rather than single countries working in silos. The Government Leveraging Arm will foster and support cooperative efforts such as the facilitation of cross-border government collaboration, the formulation of public/private partnerships, the development of mutually beneficial regulations and policies, and so on.

As Project Moon Hut develops the space based economy in four phases—I. A Box with A Roof and A Door; II. Industrial Park; III. Extended Stay; IV. Community—it will engage with governments through activities and areas of focus such as:

1. Creating pro Mearth programs.
2. Fast tracking the development of products and services within the Mearth ecosystem.
3. Coordinating the connective corridor of technologies within countries and globally.
4. Incentivizing bodies of work related to building the space based economy’s ecosystem including Project Moon Hut’s four phases of development and its launching point, A Box with A Roof and A Door on the Moon.
5. Protecting IP related to Mearth.
6. Allowing federally funded and state funded IP to remain with the developer.
7. Facilitating cross border government collaboration.
8. Giving protection to secretive projects.
9. Developing new regulations and policy and cleaning up others in advance of treaties.
10. Sponsoring Project Moon Hut and its 1BMinds directive.
11. Modifying VISAs and immigration details to fill gaps related to specific skills needed.
12. Developing infrastructure for Mearth to build upon.
13. Consolidating certain government offices to eliminate redundancy.
14. Allowing NASA to promote NASA.
15. Determining protection of participants through indemnification.
16. Educating government employees about Project Moon Hut and Mearth.
17. Formulating public/private partnerships.
18.Directly funding Mearth and Project Moon Hut related projects.
19.Promoting commerce within the ecosystem.