Project Moon Hut is currently an over three-year collaborative effort in conjunction with NASA to achieve sustainable life (as compared to self-sustaining life) on the Moon through the accelerated development of an Earth based space based economy.

It is the marriage of humankind’s desire to “reach for the stars” and its practical aim to improve life on Earth for all species through Mearth (Moon and Earth) exploration and development.  Our focus is making the world we live in a different place for you, your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

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A Box with A Roof and A Door
This phase is Project Moon Hut’s “Roger Bannister of Space”.
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The Age of Infinite
Humankind is entering a new age of infinite possibilities, a redefinition of Earth’s future via a space based economy.
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The development of a space based economy requires the involvement of all.
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A Box with A Roof and A Door

The “hut” of Project Moon Hut is a physical structure, our “box with a roof and a door” that is the ground-breaking point from which the entire space based economy grows.  This phase is Project Moon Hut’s “Roger Bannister of Space” Sir Roger Bannister, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the name, was the first human to run a mile in less than four minutes: 3:59.4 to be exact in 1954. Similarly, A Box with A Roof and A Door will be an actual achievement, not merely a symbolic representation of breaking soil on our next frontier. It will provide shelter to the pioneers on the maiden trip whereby they will live 27 days or more before returning to Earth. During their stay, they will be setting the stage for Industrial Park (Phase II) and the space based economy. In similar fashion to explorers of generations past, this initial group will be tasked to erect the home base from which all other settlement and economic activities will take place…



Industrial Park

The Industrial Park build out allows individuals to work on the Moon for the purposes of (1) generating products and services for transportation of goods and data to Earth, (2) conducting research, and (3) engaging in exploration that will enhance and inform future development. Earth. The Industrial Park will begin just as any industrial park on Earth might, with a single structure that is designed with rental space so that organizations will be able perform work on the Moon. Organizations that can optimize the use of microgravity or zero atmosphere will be able to generate opportunities on the Moon. Meanwhile, other types of organizations will have the chance to produce new products—such as liquors, perfumes, materials and polymers, and pharma products—as major contributors to the development and facilitation of trade routes within Mearth….



Extended Stay

Similar to an extended-stay hotel, this building provides more personal living space to greater numbers of people, making it possible for individuals and groups to live on the Moon for the longer periods of time as they work to expand trade among space, Earth, and the Moon. A step up from the explorers whose work and life existed side by side within a hot bunk of Industrial Park, Phase III will provide the upgraded conditions similar to extended stay hotels to Project Moon Hut’s third wave of trade developers. The Extended Stay building will be comprised of small private rooms with extra comforts and avail shared services from other Moon-ready organizations offering laundry services, computer repair, food, and more as the ecosystem evolves. At this point, the Industrial Park will continually be expanding and/or the building of an additional industrial structure will be in the works…




A Community forms as commercialization, innovation, and technological advancements increase and the costs associated with travel to and living in space and on the Moon decreases. We anticipate that the collective collaboration required in initial phases will yield organizations, government institutions, and industrialists as the first members to erect structures that would form the Community. These individuals will work to expand our use of Mearth and thereby enhancing products and services and delivery of them through the trade routes within space and to earth…

How We Will Get There

Establishing Alliances
Community Engagement
Governance Coordination
Government Coordination

Pioneering Organizations

Join the global ecosystem

We’re building the largest database of its kind for people like you who are potentially interested in participating in the development of a space based economy.  Your participation will create the first extensive, (LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebookish) network accessible centralized visualization tool to accelerate your life into the Age of Infinite.  A tool for you!

Regardless of your age, occupation, country of citizenship, degree of experience in space-related topics (if any at all), or reason for interest, there’s a place for you in Project Moon Hut.

Enrollment opens doors to our digital database network, prospective allies, up-to-date progress tracking, educational tools and connections, and opportunity to make a positive difference in planet Earth’s future.

We respect your privacy and do not sell our database to outside entities.
Humankind’s Next Great Age

The Age of Infinite redefines
and improves Earth’s future

As we enter the next era of human existence, we ignite the human spirit to reach for the stars to improve life on Earth now and in the future. Project Moon Hut ushers in The Age of Infinite through the collaborative global efforts of individuals, groups, and organizations in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education made possible through a digital worldwide network of participants from all walks of life.

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The Age of Infinite is more than a concept; it’s a movement that is defining our future
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What’s Happening


Food for thought

The Moon contains water?

Millions of asteroids filled with precious and useful metals have hit the Moon?

A single asteroid was identified to have contained more platinum than humankind has used throughout history?

Helium-3—a non-radioactive isotope that scientists believe would support the generation of energy from a process called cold fusion—is believed to be on the Moon?

Space exploration has already helped with water purification processes here on Earth?

Microgravity would aid in the development of new materials

Breast cancer monitoring has improved through the work on the International Space Station?

Jet engines have improved due to the efforts of space research?