Project Moon Hut will develop a space based economy—offering services and producing and transporting products between the Earth, the Moon, and the space in between, Mearth—via three main components:

(1) Alliance Network, powered by AI and machine learning, involving individuals and groups in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries and education;

(2) Community Engagement learning platform to expand perspectives and educate by engaging one billion hearts and minds; and

(3) Government Leveraging Arm as a means of connecting Project Moon Hut’s activities and progress to societal policy and forecasted opportunities.  The Alliance Network described in brief here ensures that progress in building the space based economy is accelerated, inclusive, innovative, and efficient for all participants.

To date, past and present players within the space industry have not had the benefit of one database where they can efficiently find prospective allies, connect, collaborate, do business with, learn from, innovate, plan, and otherwise engage in necessary activities to accelerate and facilitate the achievement of desired outcomes. One executive within the industry has explained that he spends upwards of two hours daily searching for vendors and resources; with the Alliance Network, he and others in his situation can locate capital, resources, markets, organizations, research, solutions, and more using an instantaneous data search!

Often, participants in previous space efforts have felt that the pool of space product and service providers is small, but in reality, it is quite large: makers of bolts, metals, fuels, pre-made housing, 3D printing, etc. Though the space industry has had its own ecosystem, that ecosystem has lacked this much needed Alliance Network to connect participants and increasingly deliver benefits to them in this new fashion. Think Metcalfe’s Law: the more people within the network, the greater the value of the network to the individual members or users.

As Project Moon Hut develops the space based economy in four phases—I. A Box with A Roof and A Door; II. Industrial Park; III. Extended Stay; IV. Community—it will connect participants of all kinds, investors, manufacturers, researchers, insurance providers, and more, thus decreasing costs and risks and increasing the facilitation of activities.

Consider how participants can effectively connect to build A Box with A Roof and A Door on the Moon from the following example:

Say that a heavy equipment manufacturer 0n the scale of Caterpillar is interested in conducting remote mining on Earth and sees opportunities within the space based economy to transfer this same mode of mining to the Moon. Prior to the Alliance Network, decision makers would likely assess the costs of investment and the risks involved to be too to justify moving forward with the venture. However, as a member of the network, Caterpillar has at its fingertips a countless number of resources from manufacturers and contacts in complementary industries to insurance providers to make possible their contributions in humankind’s next frontier.

Membership is free and open globally to individuals, groups, and organizations in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education. To find out how you can join, visit